• Sucessfully Managing School Athletic Programs
    Attorney Rob Cutbirth discusses the current laws that apply to operating and managing school sports programs.

  • Liability Coverage for School Districts
    This presentation discussed some of the important differences between Schools Insurance Authority and insurance companies. Attorney, Rob Cutbirth, talks about the benefits for school districts in obtaining their liability protection from SIA and what happens when a claim is filed. Produced By Schools Insurance Authority.

  • Playground Safety
    This course is an overview of basic playground supervision safety issues. It is an introductory guide to preventing playground injuries.

  • Risk Avoidance at School Celebrations
    HR expert and attorney Elizabeth Ison, discusses how school districts can avoid the common problems encountered during holiday parties and celebrations.

  • School Safety
    This course examines 20 safety issues encountered at every school. It shows employees what to look for and how to prevent accidents at their schools.

  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse in the Workplace
    An informative discussion of the issues related to Drug and Alcohol Abuse in the Workplace setting. Featuring Patrick Prince, an expert and consultant in this area. Produced by Schools Insurance Authority.

  • Kitchen Safety
    This course examines the various safety issues encountered in school kitchens. Topics include proper lifting techniques, cleaning hazards, and safe kitchen procedures.

  • 30 Ways to Prevent School Arson
    In this course we explain the facts surrounding school arson and show the ways school administrators, faculty and staff can help in the prevention of this dangerous and catastrophic event. Winner of A National Media Award. Produced by Schools Insurance Authority.

  • Day of Injury
    Worker Compensation expenses is one of the most costly expenditures made by every school district each year. Dennis Chandler, the Director of Injury Management for Company Nurse, tells you why the "Day of Injury" is so important to your district. Produced by Schools Insurance Authority.

  • Comprehensive School Safety Plan
    ...This virtual classroom will take you through the process of creating your Comprehensive Safe School Plan.

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